Fathom: getting below the surface of the UK fishing industry.

Setting the scene for UK fisheries management

March 14, 2022 Chris Ranford
Fathom: getting below the surface of the UK fishing industry.
Setting the scene for UK fisheries management
Show Notes

The Fathom podcast has partnered with The National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations (NFFO) to produce a series of informative and highly topical episodes, focusing on the challenges and opportunities facing UK fishermen in the post-Brexit landscape. In this second episode, NFFO CEO Barrie Deas and CFPO CEO Chris Ranford interview two Defra policy officials about a new piece of fishing legislation. 

In this episode, we tackle the draft Joint Fisheries Statement (JFS), which is open for consultation from UK fishermen until 12th April. Not sure what the Joint Fisheries Statement is, or why it matters? You’re not alone! 

Following the UK’s exit from the EU, fisheries management has undergone a number of big changes as we replace EU law with our own. In 2020, the UK Fisheries Act was passed in parliament. Then, in February this year, Scottish, Welsh, English and Irish fishing authorities drafted a Joint Fisheries Statement. This detailed document outlines exactly how the Fisheries Act will be delivered across these four authorities. Feedback on the draft document is now being sought from fishermen and other industry members as part of an open consultation. 

To help break down this complex document, we are joined by Anne Freeman and Robbie Fisher from Defra. Hosts Barrie Deas and Chris Ranford ask them all the important questions - how can fishermen provide feedback on the JFS? What does the document actually mean for fisheries management? Will grassroots fishing communities be properly represented? Will the JFS be more flexible and adaptable than the unpopular Common Fisheries Policy that it replaces? 

The Joint Fisheries Statement will affect all fishermen across the UK - so we encourage you to tune in, get clued up, then submit your thoughts to the consultation! 


CFPO digest on the Joint Fisheries Statement

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