Fathom: getting below the surface of the UK fishing industry.

Episode 15: Mental Health Awareness Week

May 20, 2020 Paul Trebilcock
Fathom: getting below the surface of the UK fishing industry.
Episode 15: Mental Health Awareness Week
Show Notes

It is uncertain times for everyone right now. There are financial uncertainties, changes in routines and schedules, challenges with social distancing onboard vessels, and so much more.  Fishermen need to know there is support available. 

The GetSeaFit team want you to know that they are open and available to provide support and they encourage all fishermen and their families to reach out if they are suffering from their mental health or fitness. They are providing support over the phone and virtually over Zoom and Skype. 

The GetSeaFit Programme has found a new way to help get fishermen fit and healthy, and help them stay that way. The programme was set up because fishermen find it difficult to make and keep pre-booked health appointments, they can't plan for time off because the weather, tides and fish locations often dictate when they need to be out at sea.

GetSeaFit is a joint initiative, set up between the Fishermen’s Mission and the Seafarers Hospital Society, with funding from Seafarers UK. In addition to the main partners, GetSeaFit also work with local GPs, opticians, health professionals and charitable organisations.

If you would like any health and wellbeing support during these uncertain times please get in touch with the SeaFit team.  All the contact details can be found below.

In Cornwall?

List of all support during Covid-19 -

Call Hazel to get healthy lifestyle advice on 07753 460 957 (you can text too) or email: [email protected]

Call Ceri from Fairwinds about mental health support you can reach her on 01736 366 224 or email: [email protected]

Outside Cornwall? 

If you are outside of Cornwall and would like to be connected to a programme near you please call Carol Elliott, SeaFit Project Manager [email protected] or 07486 319621.

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