Fathom: getting below the surface of the UK fishing industry.

Backing British Fish

April 28, 2021 Paul Trebilcock Season 2 Episode 1
Fathom: getting below the surface of the UK fishing industry.
Backing British Fish
Show Notes

We’re back for the second season of Fathom, and we have a treat of a first episode for you. Following what’s been an incredibly difficult year, we shine some positive light on the future of British Fish. This episode weaves together three stories of how individuals and organisations are pulling together to promote quality, wild-caught, sustainably harvested seasonal British fish and shellfish to British consumers. 

We hear voices from right across the supply chain, starting with the catch sector and the entrepreneurial, unstoppable duo Buck and Nicola Beckett, who have built a hugely successful direct selling business - Buck Becketts Fresh Shellfish - reconnecting consumers with the boat and people behind their seafood. Nicola explains the value of fostering a direct, emotional relationship with customers, and tells of a growing appetite from the public to buy locally. We then hear from the retail sector, both big and small, starting with Victoria Townsend of Ocean Fish. She stresses the importance of getting top supermarkets on board with wild, British fish, and tells us of the work Ocean Fish are doing to facilitate this transition. 

Lastly, we hear from Sue Lucas of Camberley’s renowned, independent fishmonger, Passion 4 Fish. Sue’s deep understanding and knowledge of British fish has inspired customers to adapt their purchases, to tune in to the nature and provenance of wild species, and to connect with the individual boats catching their seafood. These stories paint a bigger picture, nodding to a refreshing sea-change in consumer habits and a growing support for British caught and landed fish. 


Buck and Nicola Beckett, Buck Becketts Fresh Shellfish
Victoria Townsend,
Ocean Fish
Sue Lucas,
Passion 4 Fish 


Paul Trebilcock, CFPO 
Chris Ranford, Roam Marine