Fathom: getting below the surface of the UK fishing industry.

A serious letter

June 30, 2021 Paul Trebilcock Season 2 Episode 3
Fathom: getting below the surface of the UK fishing industry.
A serious letter
Show Notes

'This isn't about a regulator wanting to do something for regulation's sake. This is about ensuring that the industry has somewhere to go in the years ahead '

Are you a vessel owner? Did you recently receive a letter from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) about safety and compliance with ILO188? We’re here to help. You will have heard a lot of safety talk flying around over the past year, but it’s something the industry can still improve on. With a heartbreaking seven lives lost last winter, each and every vessel owner has a huge responsibility in ensuring that this loss of life doesn't continue to happen.

Tune in for an honest, informative discussion between MCA’s Roger Gee and Seafood Cornwall Training’s Clive Palfrey. We’ll walk you through what you need to do, whilst getting to the bottom of why this issue is so vital and why - as Paul says - ‘the temperature has changed with the MCA’. Some of the points covered: 

  • What is ILO188? 
  • Medical certificates - what they are, and who needs one. 
  • PFDs - when you need to wear one. 
  • Fishermen's Work Agreements - they’re here to guarantee you pay, working hours and safer working conditions.
  • Surveillance and surveying. 

As Roger says, this isn’t about the MCA. This is about you, your crew, and your family’s wellbeing. 


Chris Ranford, CFPO 

Paul Treblicock, CFPO 


Roger Gee, Maritime and Coastguard Agency 

Clive Palfrey, Seafood Cornwall Training